Main Street Presbyterian Church Honey Grove, Texas
Main Street          Presbyterian                   Church                      Honey Grove,                       Texas

Main Street Presbyterian Church

504 East Main Street

P.O. Box 188

Honey Grove, Texas  75446



Rev. Ken Sheppard-Mahaffey

Join us at our

New Temporary


404 East Main Street

Honey Grove, Texas  75446

Every Sunday Morning

 Church School 10:00a.m.

Morning Worship 11:00a.m.

  A Rebuilding Fund

has been established

at the following address:

  P.O. Box 188

Honey Grove, TX  75446

Please indicate on your

donation that it is for the

"Rebuilding Fund"

Thank you for your generosity!

Recent photograph of our Historic Century-Old Church Building taken before the devasting fire on February 10, 2013.

Welcome to the New website of our Church.

We dedicate this new website to the Glory of Our Lord. Our members pray that each new step taken will be used as a building block for the future of our church and it's current members and for those to come. We invite you to follow us in our progress of rebuilding. We are grieving for the loss of our church building. Our memories are deep and our faith is strong. God has given us the strength to rebuild and to carry on in His Name. We ask for your continued prayers and support. We look forward to sharing with you our church building's  New Beginning!

February 10, 2013

     In the dark hours of the morning, on Sunday February 10, 2013 a bolt of lightning struck the structure that held the weekly worship services of the Main Street Presbyterian Church. The fire department  was alerted and many first responders raced to the century-old iconic historical building in Honey Grove, Texas

The city’s residents were held captive by the smoke and the feeling of helplessness as the members of the church began one by one to appear at the heartbreaking scene of our fire engulfed church. Our church was gone in an instant before our eyes. There was nothing we could do but stand together, arms embraced and in prayer.

      We are extremely proud of the acts of bravery from the firemen in their efforts to contain the flames and save the homes around the fire.

We are also very thankful that the heart of our church was safe. We lost our beautiful church, but we had not lost any of our members.

     Our goals of the future are positive and we will rebuild. Check back occasionally and watch us grow. God already has a blessed plan for our congregation. Stay with us to see how it avails itself. May our faith of God's infinite wisdom show in our actions and in our steps toward building our new church home. Bless all of you for you prayers.

The YouTube video below was created for a moment of inspiration for the members of our church and the residents of Honey Grove.

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